A literary analysis of the venus throw by steven saylor

Inspired by Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose, 'a template of the history-mystery nexus' as he describes it, he thought that like Eco, he had written a literary novel.

Books by Steven Saylor

Raiders of the Nile is a direct sequel to The Seven Wonders, about the further adventures of young Gordianus in Egypt and a plot to steal the golden sarcophagus of Alexander the Great.

Both are seeking Gordianus the Finder, who has a reputation for solving murders. He now lives in quiet seclusion in the college town of Berkeley, California where he can often be found doing research in the stacks of the University of California libraries unravelling 2, year old crimes of politics and passion.

Instead of chopping the knot apart, Alexander simply pulled out the peg holding the oxcart shaft to the yoke, letting the knot fall open from the inside.

Gordianus, star of a series of historical mysteries set in ancient Rome, the newest of which is A Mist of Prophecies. He's got a lot of loved ones to worry about, and they don't make it easier for him. Apart from the historical novels, Steven has also written a few standalone novels in the contemporary genre.

There're good stories, good material. But the ambassador, a philosopher named Dio, asks for something that Gordianus cannot give - help in staying alive. If it wasn't for the setting I am not sure I would have finished it. The House of the Vestalsa collection of nine short stories which take place between the first novel and the second, during the period BC.

She died in the old man's arms! This discord apparently runs in the blood; Gordianus' origins are obscure, but he reveals that he learned his craft from his dead father.

And his aloof but passionate wife, the manumitted Bethesda, wishes that he would just stay safely at home.

A Gladiator Dies Only Once

But the knot remained tied until the day that Alexander the Great rode into town. The comedian Kaspar an analysis of the depths of roman corruption in the venus throw by steven saylor syphilis his censorship and sonnets during the flight!


The book is a series of interviews with seven historical women, mostly politicians' wives, about the murder of an eighth, fictional woman, the mysterious seeress Cassandra.

I hate to say it, but the U. The first one I read was the oration on Sextus Roscius, a man accused of murdering his father. He has married his Egyptian slave, Bethesda, and she has given him a daughter, Gordiana, who is thirteen years old and goes by the name Diana.

He lit upon a Penguin edition of Cicero's murder trials. Despite their history, the strong desire to not get involved led Gordianus to turn Dio away, a decision he would later regret when Dio is indeed found stabbed to death. All we have is references in the biographies of the men.

A Twist at the End UK title:Books by author Steven Saylor at Boomerang Books, Australia's Online Independent Bookstore - Page 1ifongchenphoto.com  · Steven Saylor writes murder mysteries and is best known for his Roma sub Rosa series set in Ancient Rome and featuring Gordianus the Finder.

A Murder on the Appian Way

Steven has been a newspaper and magazine editor, and a literary ifongchenphoto.com://ifongchenphoto.com  · STEVEN SAYLOR is the author of the ROMA SUB ROSA® series of historical mysteries featuring Gordianus the Finder and set in the ancient Rome of Cicero, Caesar, and Cleopatra.

The novels, in publication order, are: ROMAN BLOOD (), ARMS OF NEMESIS (), CATILINA’S RIDDLE (), THE VENUS THROW (), A MURDER ON THE APPIAN WAY (), RUBICON ifongchenphoto.com Steven Saylor is a renowned American author who has written a number of widely popular novels based on the historical fiction and gay erotic fiction ifongchenphoto.com://ifongchenphoto.com All about The Venus Throw by Steven Saylor.

LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Roman Blood, Catilina's Riddle, The Venus Throw, A Murder on the Appian Way, Last Seen in Massilia, Arms of Nemesis, Lambda Literary Award Nominee (Gay Men's Mystery, ) Epigraph: Dedication: To ifongchenphoto.com  · The Venus Throw, by Steven Saylor, is about the death of the head of a delegation of Alexandrians, Dio, sent to the Roman Senate to request that ifongchenphoto.com

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A literary analysis of the venus throw by steven saylor
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